Summa S Class 2

New High-End Cutter Series from Summa

This line is the further development of the successful High-End cutter series "S Class". It is more flexible, more powerful and more user friendly than its predecessor line. With its professional complete equipment the "S Class 2" series is capable to fulfill the highest requirements in the sign industry.

More Flexible

More Powerful

More User-friendly

  • Ethernet port
  • USB memory stick slot
  • Additional pinch rollers can be
    installed by the user
  • Faster processor (7x)
  • Optimized up/down mechanism
    of the OPOS sensor
  • Reinforced media flanges
  • Color 3,5" touch display with
  • Restructured menus
  • Multiple computers can control
    one device (Ethernet)
Color Touch Screen
Bright colors on a 3,5" display ensure optimal readability of all functions.
Easy User Guidance
The newly organized menu structure makes navigation and setup very easy.
Faster Processor
The 7 times faster processor speeds up all calculation routines and the USB communication.
Ethernet Port / USB Slot
The Ethernet port provides a fast connection. The USB slot makes it possible to use USB sticks for storing data.
Additional Pinch Rollers
Some Media need a higher contact pressure. For this purpose, additional pinch rollers can be installed by the user itself.
Improved Media Flanges
The media flanges have been strengthened in order to better handle big, wide material rolls.

11 New Cutter Models!

3 x OPOS CAM (75, 140, 160) - 4 x Tangential knife (75, 120, 140, 160) - 4 x Drag knife (75, 120, 140, 160)